2019 Igniting Hope Conference – Free Registration

Over the past five years I have been working with a group of dedicated citizens to Illuminate eliminate race-based health disparities in our community. Last year we had our inaugural Igniting Hope conference at UB medical school. Over 300 citizens came listened and Shared their ideas on how to address the social determinants of health which drive the unacceptable health outcomes in the African-American community. This year we are again gathering at the Jacob School of Medicine on August 16 and 17th for part two of Igniting Hope. This year our focus will be on producing comprehensive solutions to address the social determinants of health in order to bring health equity for the African American community . As a partner in making our community a great community for all I am asking for your support for this conference. Below is the link for how to register for igniting Hope 2019.


I’m asking you to register and share the day with us in August as well as forwarding the information on this conference to your network. Your support and participation in this effort will help us close the gap on the unjust health disparities which plague the African-American community. With your help I know we can bring health equity for all. Thank you and advance for your support.

Pastor George F. Nicholas


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