3/20 1PM Update on SJC as a Designated COVID Facility

1pm UPDATE: The Union and Catholic Health will be making phone calls to all of our SJC members today. You will be receiving a call from either Mike, Lisa, Erin or Diane (from CH).

  • SJC employees will have first priority for the COVID team at SJC.
  • $10 per hour additional for all hours worked on the COVID-19 team
  • CH do not know how many people they need in each job title yet
  • CH has received over 500 volunteers for the team currently from across the system.
  • You will not be asked to work beyond your competency.
  • If you wish to volunteer for the COVID-19 team, you will stay at SJC
  • If you do not volunteer, you may be assigned to another hospital. You will receive mileage for travel and they are going to look at any employees who have transportation issues.

This is a fluid situation that is changing hourly. Please bear with all of us, as I know you have many questions and we are working around the clock to answer all your questions and address any challenges that arise.

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