4/1/21 Notice to MFSH RNs

DATE:            April 1, 2021

TO:                All Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital Registered Nurses

FROM:           Kim Kornowski, MFSH RN Area Vice President
                      Julie Grimm, MFSH RN Area Vice President           

RE:                 Notice

CWA was notified that Kaleida management has issued a flyer regarding the changes in work duties of the RNs and PCAs. The Union does not agree to this. We have had several meetings with Kaleida about this new “work flow” and they are aware we do not endorse this. We have requested several times for the staffing grids to be looked at to increase staff to alleviate the workload. It is unacceptable that Kaleida keeps asking you to do more and more work without the resources or staff to do so. We will continue to meet with Kaleida to revisit the staffing grids. Our next meeting with Kaleida is Wednesday, April 7th at 11 am. We ask that any RNs that are willing to speak that day on the increasing issues they experience at work to let us know. Please email Kim Kornowski or Julie Grimm with any questions, concerns, or any general discussions about this at kkornowski@cwa1168.org or jgrimm@cwa1168.org.

Together we need to push management and improve staffing for the benefit of patient care.

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