Kaleida Bargaining Update 3/11/22

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SIGN UP HERE FOR OPEN BARGAINING!: https://www.mobilize.us/cwad1/event/445777/

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March 11, 2022

SIGN UP HERE FOR OPEN BARGAINING!: https://www.mobilize.us/cwad1/event/445777/

Since January, CW and 1199SEIU have been meeting weekly to hone our bargaining strategy.

Together, the unions have gone through the contract article by article, categorizing them as economic (wages, health insurance, retirement) or non-economic (job titles, floating, parking).

Based on the staff surveys we received and problems identified during the course of the current contract, we’ve drafted proposals for non-economic articles so far, including possible new language regarding floating, disciplinary procedure, health and safety, uniforms, and how holidays are scheduled for mid-shift staff. These will also be the first articles we bargain with Kaleida because they are likely to be the fastest articles to work through. Once we reach agreements on the non-economic proposals, we move on to discuss economic articles.

We’re looking forward to having you, the members, at bargaining! Our sessions are at 1199SEIU’s headquarters on Main Street near the Tri-Main Building. There’s space for 30 people per union, per session, and sign up is first come first served. We’re working on an online registration form which should be ready by next week. Since this is the first time we’re opening

bargaining to members, we expect to learn as much from it as you do, so please be patient if there are hiccups.

Our mobilizers attended the beginning of Wednesday’s bargaining session to hear the Catholic Health strike team speak about their experiences on the picket line last year, what they knew to plan for (telling members to save money ahead of time as a precaution), what surprised them (unemployment delays for some members, people’s mixed feelings about scabs), and what they learned (how to adapt after Catholic Health cut off the health insurance). 

Beginning Wednesday, March 16, Kaleida Health’s bargaining committee will join the unions at the table.

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