Kaleida Bargaining Update #4 – 5/16/19

We help RN’s, Medical Professionals, and workers of all stripes to attain better pay, better working conditions, and to make their voices heard.

As we are reaching the end of May and approaching expiration date of May 31, 2019, we continue to make progress.  The progress has been slow and we have not yet started to discuss economics.  At this point in time, we have many hot topics on the bargaining table.  We continue to reach tentative agreements on some contact articles and memorandum of understanding.  Since our last update, we have signed off on:

· Article 31                   Hospital Discounts

· New Article                Workplace Violence

· Article 73                   Health and Safety

· MOU #13                   Patient Management Social Workers BGMC, MFSH, DMH 

· New MOU                  MFSH Procedure for Temporary Closure of Units

· Article 92                   Charge Nurse

· Article 40                   Workers Compensation

· Letter of Intent Staff Incentive Plan

· Article 93                   Hours of Work – Clerical Employees

· MOU #30                   Adult Site RN and Surgical Technologist Floating Grid

· Article 34                   Transitional Return to Work Program

· MOU #16                   MFSH Registered Nurse Self-Staffed Closed Units 

· Article 47                   Training Program

· Article 62                   Progressive Discipline and Remediation

· MOU #14                   Bulletin Boards

· Article 7           Grievance Procedure

· Letter                         PA Position 2 East MFSH

· Letter                         PA Position Intensive Care Unit MFSH

· Letter                         NP Positions/Complimentary PA positions MFSH

· Article 46                   Nursing Preceptor Program.

At this time, we continue to have discussions on items that we know are of significant concern to all of you.  We are discussing:

· Article 66                   Bargaining Unit Work

· Article 67                   Contracting Out Work

· Article 15                   Hours of Work and Work Schedule

· Article 18                   Temporary Downsizing

· Article 19                   Floating

· Article 26                   Paid Time Off (personal days)

· Article 27                   Paid Time Off Scheduling

· Article 35                   Leave of Absence 

· Article 50                   Seniority 

· Article 53                   Job Bidding and Transfers

· Article 55                   Merger Consolidation

· Article 63                   Time and Attendance

Management continues to express that our contract language hinders their ability to staff.  The Unions continue to stress that there needs to be enough staff to care for our patients.  Kaleida must staff appropriately.  Kaleida’s proposal regarding changes in scheduling for NP’s and PA’s is ongoing.  

Be sure to return your completed “What’s at Stake” survey and continue to engage with your delegates, stewards, and mobilizers.  If there is no struggle, there will be no progress.

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