Catholic Health Contract Negotiations

TO:                  All Members of CWA at Catholic Health

FROM:            The CWA Bargaining Committee

RE:                  Contract Negotiations

DATE:            July 16, 2020

Now that the COVID-19 Pandemic and the number of cases within Catholic Health facilities has significantly decreased, the question of contract negotiations comes up.  As many of you know,  CWA was bargaining with Catholic Health on a new contract when the Pandemic hit.  We were in the process of negotiating the bargaining unit agreements and preparing for common table negotiations.

The CWA bargaining committee met on Wednesday, July 15 and we are also scheduled to meet on Wednesday, July 22 and 29.  We began our deliberations on what are the appropriate next steps in terms of negotiations.  We were not able to finish that work yesterday so we are going to start up again next Wednesday.  We should be able to give you more details then.

In the meantime, the mobilizers are working on collecting updated cell phone numbers and email addresses.  Please make sure we have a contact for you so we can get updates out to you.

Thank you.

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