Clinical Engineering Bargaining Update 4/28/2021

Where we currently are:                   

This was one of the most productive days of bargaining we have had in a while. We received a total of ten counter proposals from Kaleida Health. We were able to agree to four of them as well as respond to nine other proposals that we believe will bring us much closer to an agreement within the next few weeks. Your bargaining committee has made all of the proposals we plan on making at this time. This includes all of the economics and non-economic articles we believe it will take to reach a fair agreement. We feel the ball is in Kaleida’s court to respond approximately and continue to get closer to a final agreement.,

Non-Economic Proposals:                  

The list of non-economic proposals is starting to dwindle down. We have twenty-four agreed to currently.

Economic Proposals:                          

Your bargaining committee has made all of the economic proposals we believe it will take to get an agreement and are waiting for Kaleida to respond to a vast majority of them. They have responded to the proposals on benefits (life insurance, flexible benefit plans, etc.), and we were able to agree to two of them. We’re expecting to hear a full reply on the remaining economic articles your bargaining committee has made to Kaleida.

Next Steps:                                         

Your bargaining committee will continue to bargain. We have many dates planned throughout the month of May. Mobilization across Kaleida is ongoing with over 500 buttons distributed and released to other CWA members across Kaleida sites exclaiming their support for this group. Kaleida was also presented the 1,500 signatures in support of the Clinical Engineering department bargaining and the need for a fair and just first contract. More public mobilization actions are being planned.

Future Bargaining Dates:                   

We have five more dates committed to bargaining throughout the month of May. These include: May 5th, 12th, 14th, 20th, and 26th. We are prepared and have time set aside for the month of June if needed to come to a final agreement before our one year anniversary of organizing with CWA Local 1168.

 Any questions, feel free to reach out to your elected bargaining committee members, Eric Hammond or Kelly Walker. Your Vice-President Patrick Weisansal can also be reached with questions. (716) 725-4953 or

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