This committee monitors the finances of the Union, makes budgetary recommendations to the Executive Board and assists in the presentation to the membership each year. The committee meets quarterly and is chaired by Kevin Musior, Secretary/Treasurer. He can be reached at

This committee helps the Local eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex, race, creed, color or any other unfair standard. The committee collects data on the workforce, assists individuals faced with discrimination, and seeks to increase minority participation in all Union activities. The committee is co-chaired by Charmaine Bowman and Michele Murray, AVPs BGMC TCC.  They can be reached at or

Community Service
This committee develops programs to strengthen our community and to coordinate member participation in community services such as United Way fund drives, clothing collections and food bank collections. The committee meets monthly and is chaired by Konya Varner, AVP MFH TCC. She can be reached at

This committee helps to develop the Local’s Health and Safety Program, as well as prepare educational materials and training for members and other organizations on health and safety issues. The committee meets bi-monthly and is chaired by Denise Abbott, Director of Health/Safety. She can be reached at

This committee helps develop educational materials, including the Local’s award winning publication, Stat!, the web page, and conducts Union Orientation at new employee orientation. The committee meets quarterly and is chaired by Heather Medema, Director of Education and Communication.  She can be reached at

This committee helps to promote the Union’s position on Local, State, and Federal Legislation, lobby public officials, encourage membership voter registration, PAF contributions, and to help in the campaigns of CWA – endorsed candidates for public office. This committee meets as needed and is chaired by Sarah Buckley, Director of Legislation/Political Action. She can be reached at

This committee is charged with conducting elections for Local Union Officers, Chief Stewards, Stewards and Bargaining Committees, as well as conducting ratification votes and referenda in accordance with the Local By-Laws. The committee meets as needed and is chaired by Kathy Boyd.  She can be reached at

This committee helps employees at non-union workplaces organize a union and join CWA, as well as, mobilize CWA Members at the Local’s current work sites for activities and actions. The committee meets monthly and is chaired by Patrick Weisansal II, Director of Organizing/Mobilizing.  He can be reached at




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