CWA Election Results

DATE:             November 21, 2020

TO:                  All CWA Local 1168 Members

FROM:             Election Committee

RE:                  Tentative Officer and Bargaining Unit Area Vice President Elections

During the week of November 16 – 20, 2020 CWA Local 1168 Election Committee held officer and bargaining unit area vice president (AVP) elections at multiple sites. The unofficial results are as follows:

Office of President                  –           Cori Gambini

Office of Vice President          –           Ulanda Frank  

  •        Patrick Weisansal II

Office of Secretary/Treasurer  –           Matt Palermo

Bargaining Unit Area Vice Presidents (AVP)

BGMC RN AVPs                     –           Alex Christodoulides  
–           Elaine Morley

  •        Samantha Schopf

BGMC TCC AVPs                   –           Jennifer Hogue

  •        Michele Murray

DeGraff TCCS/RN AVP          –           Karen Howard

Millard Fillmore RN AVPs       –            Julie Grimm

  •        Kim Kornowski

Multi Bargaining
Unit Professionals AVP                       –           Ron Hosinski  

These results will be certified after 10 days. The representatives will take office starting January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023 for their respective office or bargaining units. Congratulations to the newly elected candidates and thank you for your dedication and commitment in serving the Local.

Also, thank you to all the members who came out to vote for their union representatives and for taking part in this democratic process. Your representatives have made a commitment to serve you.

In Solidarity,

Denise Abbott, RN
Election Chair
CWA Local 1168

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