Kaleida Bargaining: Contract Will Expire – 6/21/19


Tonight at 12:00 am midnight, the contract between Kaleida Health and the CWA 1168, IUOE Local 17 and 1199SEIU expired.  We have been meeting for four months, a total of 50 bargaining days and we were not able to reach an agreement.  In fact, more than 30 open issues remain! 

What does this mean?

The main impact is that the arbitration provision no longer applies. We can still arbitrate cases over the following items:

· Grievances filed while the contract was still in effect;

· Grievances over events that occurred prior to expiration;

· Grievances over rights that accrued under an expired agreement.

For grievances over new matters, Kaleida has a duty to discuss the matter and supply information.

Does this mean we will go on strike?

We now have the ability to go on strike after providing a 10-day notice (legally required for health care facilities). The bargaining committee is committed to bargaining in good faith with Kaleida to reach an agreement. We want to address the issues that were raised by members in the bargaining surveys. 

A strike is a last resort and we will only consider that option once we have had the opportunity to fully bargain with the hospital.

What about other provisions of the contract?

Labor law is clear that Kaleida must maintain the “status quo” including written agreements and consistent past practices. If there is a change in benefits or practice, we have the ability to file charges at the National Labor Relations Board.

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