Kaleida Health WILL NOT be implementing their “new” dress code policy!


Kaleida Health Uniform Grievance Update

To: All CWA and SEIU Bargaining Unit Members at Kaleida Health

From: CWA Local 1168 & 1199 SEIU

Re:Grievance Response on Uniform Colors & Printed Scrub Apparel

December 16, 2017

Two weeks ago a step two meeting was held with Kaleida Health Management regarding the master grievance that was filed in regards to the unilateral changes Kaleida Health was making in regards to scrub apparel colors and prints.

Following this meeting, Kaleida Health had fourteen days to respond with their decision regarding our concerns.
We are happy to report that Kaleida Health has informed us that they will “not be implementing” their previously announced changes to the dress code policy.

In their response, Kaleida Health requested that the union(s) continue dialogue regarding uniforms in accordance with MOU #29 in the Master Collective Bargaining Agreement. We will continue to meet


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