Kaleida Negotiations – Update #1 12/14/21

Kaleida Contract Bargaining – Update I


Union Lead Mobilizers attended their fourth training on 12/8/21. There are currently 30 Lead Mobilizers that will be instrumental in updating our members on bargaining updates and other important issues going on within our facilities. Ultimately we hope to have 40 Lead Mobilizers to help ensure each member has access to information and two-way communication throughout the bargaining process. These are the initial steps for setting up our structure with the goal of winning a fair contract.


January 12, 2022 is the first day our bargaining committee is in caucus. Bargaining will be critical for addressing long-term staffing needs among many other issues that our members are facing. We are asking all of our members to wear our red t-shirts on 1/12/22 in support of the bargaining team and to stand out against the current unsafe ratios. Our mobilizers will be reaching out with further information about this day; so be on the lookout!

Additionally, we have had other local unions express interest in supporting us in our fight. We look forward to working with our sister union; WA Local 1133 from Catholic Health in the upcoming weeks!


After our members took action and gathered 1,000 signatures on a petition as well as preparing. Remarks on how this decision could affect them, the signatures were delivered in person to Kaleida leadership. Kaleida has made a verbal commitment to Union Leader to come to an agreement. 


After an overwhelming amount of anti-union rhetoric and corporate anti-union tactics by Starbucks; the Elmwood location has overwhelmingly voted to unionize! This is a historic win and is the first and only unionized Starbucks location in the United States. Please stop by in support of our new union family and express your congratulations. This yet again proves when workers fight; they win!

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