Kaleida Negotiations – Update #2 12/21/21

Update II


In preparation for our contract fight, we have assembled a FAQ of the most common questions members have been asking regarding a strike. Of course, there are many other questions, and they will be answered in future publications and direct lines of communication.


As we are all acutely aware, conditions within our facilities continue to deteriorate; often past what we imagined was possible just days previous. Many of the causes for the unsustainable staffing and horrible working conditions falls on Kaleida decision-making. Impossible staffing grids, abusive floating, cuts to positions that directly and supportively impact patient care, a culture of disrespect and punishment has created these situations and makes them worse daily. The most important and primary solution to staffing shortages are retaining and recognizing staff that have continued to work through these difficult times.

Instead, Kaleida has decided that a recruitment bonus will suffice. Stopping the exodus of existing staff through retention should be the focus. Local 1168 will be delivering a comprehensive written proposal delineating methods to ensure respect, fair working conditions including retention, and support of our staff. Members of WA Local 1168 have participated in numerous collective actions which we will highlight in our updates. Continued pressure on Kaleida is needed to obtain respect, fair and decent working conditions, and monetary recognition for the work that we do.


December 16th, 2021 the Union released information regarding the circumstances of Kaleida’s sign-on bonus. To compete with Catholic Health’s sign-on bonus Kaleida and the Union have come to an agreement to allow monetary incentives for new employees who continue employment for two years. Although additional team members will be welcomed and helpful, this alone should not be the focus of improving staffing conditions. Retention is vital.


January 12th, 2022 is the first day of contract caucus for our Unions. CWA 1168 members will be wearing their red t-shirts in support of the bargaining team and as a sign of our solidarity. We are tired of the shortages. We have helped our community to the best of our abilities. It is time that Kaleida support us so we can help our patients.

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