Kaleida Negotiations Update #7 – Disorganization and Management Bullying



Kaleida Health appears to not know what end is up or down in their preparations for bargaining.

Their communication is disjointed, their team members continually change. A “customary” information

request we submitted in December 2021 has gone unanswered. During every contract bargaining,

information requests are submitted that allow Labor and Management to start preparing proposals,

costing out those proposals, and understanding the current financial health of the organization.

Requests to book dates for bargaining, the location bargaining will occur at, and logistical items

have also been unanswered. To date, Kaleida has yet to provide requested information allowing us

to prepare to bargain. Emails, calls, and text messages about the issue have continued to go

ignored. Their absence, however, has given opportunity to CWA, SEIU and IUOE to develop a unified



CWA has ZERO TOLERANCE when it comes to management bullying fellow WA members! Until

recently, there was a certain nurse manager with a longstanding reputation of being a bully. Her

idea of leadership was to intimidate her employees, making them feel small. We participated in

many investigations involving this manager continually raising concerns about her behavior and

tactics. This finally came to an end on January 25th, when this manager was terminated and walked

out from her position. Members took a stand and wrote some very powerful and eye-opening

statements. These testaments shed some much overdue light on this manager’s behavior. We let

Kaleida Health know that we will not allow our members to be the victims of bullying or harassment

in any form. Every member has the right to work in a bully free environment.

If you are ever a victim of bullying or harassment, do not hesitate to file a STARS report. If you feel

as if your supervisor or manager is bullying you or a co-worker, report the incident to management

or human resources immediately. Additionally, if Kaleida is not following through with their

responsibility to ensure a safe work environment please contact the Union office.

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