Letter to the Members

To the members of CWA 1168,

We know that this last year has been difficult for everyone working in healthcare. The Pandemic has rocked so many of us to our cores. We know that people are tired, drained, and emotionally and physically spent. As we go into the fourth surge of the pandemic, we have an additional fight that we will be going into. Bargaining our next contract is not going to be easy. Our goal is to achieve our next contract by bargaining in good faith with the employer. We will do everything to ensure our members do not lose current benefits and to achieve goals set out by the members. As healthcare workers, especially after the treatment that we all received this past year, we deserve a fair and beneficial contract. We need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve this, including the possibility of a strike. We do not go into this lightly. We want everyone to be prepared that this is going to be a fight. A fight for our future, a fight for future healthcare workers, and a fight for our patients and their safety. 

Over the next few months and leading into bargaining, we will be disseminating information to the membership. How bargaining works, the history, the process, and the importance. We will also be giving out information on what you can do as members to prepare for the possibility of bargaining taking a turn for the worse, and the need of a strike. This information will be coming out as our Member Minute series. We will also be holding events for members. These events will be for the membership to relax and to just enjoy time off, others will be informational and revolve around mobilizing. 

There is strength in numbers. Together we will achieve a strong and beneficial contract for the members. 

In Solidarity,

Cori A. Gambini, President of CWA 1168


The Executive Board of CWA 1168

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