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The purpose of this page will be to provide the most up to date information and material to our representatives on site rounding with our members to have important discussions and keeping the momentum going.  Please visit this page often prior to rounding for the most up to date information as we will be posting updates here often.

We have updated the way we are keeping track of areas visited during rounding.  The checklists will still be hung up at the local in the usual location but to make it more widely available to everyone we also have an online version available to everyone now.  Below are links to forms based on site locations that we are asking you to fill out when rounding. Please choose the appropriate site for your location and fill out this brief form, checking off the departments you visit.  This should be filled out every time someone completes rounding as we may need to go back several time to ensure every member is visited

BGMC Rounding Report

MFSH / Flint Rounding Report

HPTE / DMP Rounding Report

The use of the new system is progressing well and providing great feedback!  Thank you for adapting to this new way of tracking rounding and reporting on units.  To date, about 27% of stewards have filled weekly rounding reports, please make sure you fill out this form every time you round to help give us an accurate picture of which units are being visited so we may target our approach so nobody is left behind.

Week Of February 25th 2024

Following the filling of thousands of short staffing reports to the NYS DOH, we are continuing to push the safe staffing agenda and round heavily – having conversations with members in every department at every site.  These conversations are paramount to our movement becoming a success.  Please reach out to each and every member even if it means visiting a department several times.  Make sure they understand the importance of continuing to fill out short staffing forms for each and every time they are short, along with applying the “If you’re short… report!” QR code sticker to their badge.

Our latest initiative is to push for all members to wear red on Thursday February 29th.  Please make sure the flyer linked below is distributed everywhere to remind members.  If someone has not received a shirt yet please have them scan the QR code on the flyer to sing up for one and we will arrange delivery for them.  It is important this flyer is distributed to all members and departments, not just CSC units.

We also recently released a new video on our YouTube channel with an update from President Cori Gambini regarding the DOH visit at Millard Fillmore.  Please make sure members are aware of this, encourage members to subscribe to our YouTube channel and other social media outlets to stay up to date on our latest informational releases.

CWA1168 YouTube

The Latest Flyer Can Be Found Here



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