Officer and Executive Board Nominations Notice

Nominations for Officers and Area Vice Presidents will be taken at the GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.  The meeting will be held virtually beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Nominations will be taken for the following positions:


  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President:  2 positions
  • Secretary/Treasurer

Area Vice Presidents:

  • BGMC RN:      3 positions
  • BGMC TCC:    2 positions
  • MFH  RN:        2 positions
  • MFH TCC:       1 positions
  • Multisite (DMH Professionals, MFH/Flint Professionals and BGMC Professionals)
  • St. Joseph Campus:  RN/Service

Only current CWA 1168 members in good standing may nominate a candidate and only members in good standing may be nominated.  In the event more than one eligible candidate is nominated and accepts the nomination, an election will be held to fill the seat. 

Please review the job description for each position before nominating a candidate.  Job descriptions are located in the CWA Bylaws; they can be viewed on the website at

In the event of an election, CWA 1168 Election Committee will hold a vote with the date and polling place to be determined pending which elections are necessary.

Be an active union member.  Participate in the election process.  Virtually attend the General Membership Meeting and let your voice be heard.

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