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We’re happy that you came to this page, but honestly a little surprised. We know that so many people feel politics is a dirty word. To a large extent, we share your frustration.

However, we are healthcare workers and we have found that the only way we can truly affect positive change in the hospital, is to take the fight to Albany. Hospitals used to be run by doctors. They have become businesses and are now run by those who specialize in numbers, instead of specializing in people. Not all hospital administrators are bad, they just have a different focus. As healthcare workers, we need to be sure hospitals don’t lose sight of the needs of patients and staff. In order to shift their decision making paradigm, we must convince Albany to pass legislation in favor of the patients.

Our Local is made up of mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, daughters and sons. We value our loved ones. As healthcare workers, we are natural advocates for our sick family members. What about people who don’t have a health care worker in their families?  What happens when our advocacy falls on deaf ears? We have to then take our issues to the people who can make changes. We have to go Albany. If hospitals won’t make changes because it’s the right thing to do, we have to pressure legislators to make new laws.

Join the Fight
We are continually building our LPAT. That stands for Legislative and Political Action Team. This is a group of people who want to bring our values as healthcare workers; compassion, advocacy and decency, to the world of politics and legislation. We are fighting for issues that relate to health care. Currently, our biggest fight is for Safe Staffing, however there are always other topics we are working on.

To reach our goals, we employ a wide range of methods. From talking to coworkers when they are on break to facilitating the smaller actions such as obtaining signatures on petitions or making phone calls to politicians. We attend public meetings. We speak at public meetings. We are well trained and well spoken. We knock on doors. Each of these small action pieces contribute to greater picture of change. You are not required to participate in any of these activities but we welcome your involvement on any level at which you are comfortable. Call Sarah Buckley at 716-713-7780 or email her at sbuckley@cwa1168.org

Most of the money spent in politics is not spent on constituents or the needs of the community. The vast majority is spent by businesses buying political favors. These businesses rarely have our best interests in mind when they seek legislation, and political favors. In 2014, the Greater NY Hospital Association, a lobby group that fights for the interests of hospital administrators and fights against safe staffing, was the third highest spender out of all NYS lobby groups!

As an individual you can contribute to work that matters to you. Unfortunately, there is limited power in an individual donation; it cannot compete. However, Unions provide a structure to fight for the interests of working families. There is more power when we pool our money together as working people.We are leading the fight for safe staffing in NYS. While we won’t be able to match them dollar for dollar – together our contributions can make a real difference.  Your contributions to PAF in previous years enabled us to fight for and win Safe Patient Handling, which requires all health care facilities to provide staff safe lift equipment for patient care.

Some people ask “What political party does this money go to?” PAF contributions do not go to a political party. Just as Union representation gives workers a voice on the job to improve our lives, CWA Political Action Fund is the workers voice in politics to improve our communities and our nation. This money funds things like buses to Albany so we can talk with legislators face to face about issues that matter to us, CWA 1168.PAF also provides information to Union families about the candidates and their positions on the issues affecting our lives. Decent health care, overtime pay, safe working conditions, family-friendly workplaces, retirement security, freedom to organize are among our concerns influenced by the political process.

Recent Safe staffing Updates: (This will be on going with *HOPEFULLY* at least weekly updates, but there is also an entire section about Safe Staffing, which I have not yet submitted to you.)

In an attempt to pressure our state legislators and show them their constituents truly care about Safe Staffing, we have been asking various municipalities to pass resolutions in support of safe staffing ratios. To date the following communities have passed such resolutions: Amherst, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Hamburg, Lancaster, North Collins, and Erie County.

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