Rank & File #18

General Membership Meeting

There will be a general membership meeting for CWA 1168 on May 19 at 6:30pm. This meeting will be held via zoom and will require pre-registration. The link for registration can be found at the QR code below, via emails delivered 5/10/2022, or via our private Facebook group: “CWA Kaleida Negotiations 2022.” The agenda will include contract negotiations, mobilization, health and safety, political action, and budgets.



When: May 18th at 11:30am

Where: 1199SEIU 2421 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214

There will be a member led presentation during bargaining on May 18th. If you have been negatively impacted your presence is necessary to help Kaleida see that the discontinuation of Family Pharmacy Benefits has caused undue hardship. Members of both Unions will be speaking about how Kaleida’s decision has had detrimental effects on our union brothers and sisters. Bring your receipts, stories, and your red shirts. Join your co-workers on May 18th!

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