Second COVID-19 MOU Update


Today, January 8, 2021, CWA Local Representatives along with SEIU Representatives were scheduled to meet with management of Kaleida Health in order to present a proposal for a Memorandum of Understanding (COVID-19 MOU). The meeting was cancelled by management before the meeting could begin. After some dialogue with management, the Union(s) decided to send the proposal electronically with intention of meeting later today or another day after management reviews.

The presentation face-to-face is of particular importance to the Union(s), so we may specifically emphasize intent of each provision within the proposal.

The proposal was drafted doing a deep dive and review of the surveys and collectively spending 1,400 hours rounding in the hospitals during the months of October and November prior to elections. Since then, canvassing for information has continued in December, 2020 and January YTD, 2021.

As promised, we are releasing the language that was proposed by the Union(s) and will keep you updated as we move through the process and have more information.

Management Letter 1-7-2021

A letter from Robert Nesselbush; CEO, Kaleida Health went out yesterday to all at Kaleida and indicated that Kaleida made a proposal to the Union(s) for MOU #2.

This is wrong information, and never happened. CWA has requested they retract the communication immediately as an error.

More information will be shared as it develops.

In Solidarity!

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