SJC Covid-19 MOU Update

DATE:            May 21, 2020

TO:                  All CWA Local 1168 Members at Sister’s of Charity Hospital – St. Joseph’s Campus

FROM:            Executive Board and Special Directors of CWA Local 1168

RE:                  SJC COVID-19 MOU Update

  • We are currently in negotiations to modify the COVID-19 Pandemic MOU. We are very far away from an agreement.
  • We have not currently agreed to modify any provisions of the Hazard Pay. CH Management has requested that we reduce and modify.
  • We are focused on fixing the issues that have arisen primarily due to the Staffing Command Center and lack of training. The current system has created many issues. We want a long-term solution. Catholic Health leadership has been meeting to provide a solution on the issues we have been raising.
  • We will NOT be modifying the MOU until the issues you have been raising to us every day are sufficiently addressed. As of today, Catholic Health has not given us a plan that will sufficiently address the issues.

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