Summer Child Care Assistance

DATE:                    June 18, 2020

TO:                         All CWA Local 1168 Members

FROM:                  Executive Board and Special Directors of CWA Local 1168

RE:                     Summer Child Care Assistance

Do you need summer child care or know someone who does?

As we continue to see different parts of our community re-open we would like to remind you that child care options are available for summer. Child care providers are working hard to put in place necessary health and safety protocols that address COVID-19. Options are obviously quite limited compared to other summers. However, there still are many child care programs who remained open through the shutdown and many more expected to open.

If you need help making a child care plan you can contact Child Care Resource Network to be matched with operating child care providers. You can visit their website or call them directly at 716-877-6666 ext. 3064. We urge you to reach out to them sooner rather than later to secure your spot.

CWA 1168 has been working with Erie County, the Child Care Resource Network and many other stakeholders to voice the concerns of our worker parents. Please let us know of your experience by emailing or calling the office.

Thank you for all your work.

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