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We help RN’s, Medical Professionals, and workers of all stripes to attain better pay, better working conditions, and to make their voices heard.

Margaret Smith, Surgical Pack Assistant

I want a union to make sure our pay reflects our level of education, certification and skill performance. To keep and maintain the work schedule we applied for.

Emily Lanning, Licensed Vet Tech

I would like the union for the representation in the workforce. There would be cost of living raises, better benefits, and job security.

Sarah Oberther, Licensed Vet Tech

I love my job and I love my patients. But we need more staff for better patient care.

Maria Vancuren, Licensed Vet Tech

By having a union, we the employees will have a voice to represent us all at OPVMC. Because of this, staffing will become better, and have more employees to care for all the pets.

Morgan Allen, PCT Licensed Vet Tech

I would like to have a union at OPVMC because I feel that we need to have a stronger voice as a team in order to provide the best care for our patients. Without necessary change, we will not be able to properly advocate for our patients.

Tyler LaMarco, Vet Assistant

Patient intake outweighs patient care, and it hurts knowing pets aren’t getting the care they come to receive. And our hands are tied because we don’t have a voice to make change.

Kaitlin Tachibana, Customer Service Rep

I want a union because I would like to be in a workplace that looks more equitable. I believe that in having more protections, advocacy, and communications that OPVMC could retain staff and increase morale.

Joelle McInnis, Licensed Vet Tech

Having a union will hopefully promote fair and better wages for everyone. Having a union will hopefully promote safer staff to patient ratios which overall results in better patient care.

Jillian Bauman, Vet Assistant

As one of the biggest veterinary hubs in Buffalo, we should be rewarding employees with competitive wages, which will lead to better retention rates, workplace morale, and patient care. I stand with my coworkers and patients by choosing to unionize.

Bryanna Ely, Vet Assistant, Clinical Service Rep

I want a union for fair wages, safer working conditions, and to not be an “at-will” employee.

Erin Salley, Licensed Vet Tech

I believe OPVMC needs a union for better and safer working conditions. A union will also help better the quality of care for our patients.

Jennifer Miller, Vet Assistant

As advocates for our animal patients and making sure their wellbeing is appropriately being taken care of, we need someone to help us advocate for ourselves and our wellbeing.

Kelsey Senger, Licensed Vet Tech

I want a union to have a voice, not only for myself and my coworkers, but ultimately our patients who deserve the best care we can offer.

Jill Perry, Licensed Vet Tech

Having been employed at this hospital for well over a decade, it has been devastating to see the employees crumble under the pressure and stress of what this clinic is spiraling into. Unionizing at OPVMC will band the employees as one and demand the respect and attention we once had and deserve to have again. Everyone deserves fair treatment and equal benefits.

Lauren Wdowik, Licensed Vet Tech

A union will help with better wages in which are deserved. The changes being made may help with staffing to improve patient care and ensure efficient treatment. It will help decrease the chance of burn out. We will have our own voices to continue to do what we love.

Tricia Brawdy, Licensed Vet Tech

A union will allow the ability to have my voice heard and actions taken on behalf of my animal patients, myself and my co- workers without repercussions. Improve working conditions to better our animal patients lives as well as our own. Fair and equal wage increases/benefits for all employees.

Ash Gardener, Client Services Rep

I want a Union because I am passionate about helping to create a union at Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center for the sake of my OPVMC family, my beloved companion animals, and all of the patients and clients that come through our doors.

Angela Agnello, Licensed Vet Tech

I love my job, and my patients. This is a mentally and physically exhausting job that deserves to be recognized and compensated appropriately.

Our patients and our staff deserve more. A union will allow us to improve quality patient care without compromising a work life balance. We need to finally have a voice- not only for ourselves but for our patients as well.

Mary Nowicki, Licensed Vet Tech

I believe unions are important because it allows employees to have a voice in the workplace for better and safer working conditions. The benefit of being in a union will also allow fair pay for all of the advanced veterinary care we provide for our patients. And most importantly, safer patient to technician ratios will impart better care for our patients; which in return, will contribute to lower turn-over rate and minimize burnout and compassion fatigue.

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