Tomorrow, Safe Staffing Picket

Dear member, 
I am sure by now you have heard!

Thursday August 27th Safe Staffing Picket:


Buffalo General Medical Campus: Picketing on High St. Speakers at 1pm. 
Millard Fillmore Suburban: Picketing on Maple. Speakers at 12:15pm.

Don’t forget your poncho or umbrella, mask and to socially distance! 
Punch out if you’re going off premises per HR policy 309, Timekeeping.

Why are we doing this now? 
Staffing has been very bad, very very bad. We are hearing it from everyone. Something has to be done. If we are silent, we guarantee nothing will change. Those who control hospital funding and those that control staffing will not feel compelled to prioritize the care our patients deserve. 

We are facing dangerous funding cuts at the state level and we need our leaders to raise taxes on the ultra-rich (none of whom even live in WNY) – rather than cut healthcare funding. 

On August 14th, a study on Safe Staffing was released by the Department of Health. It did not provide adequate solutions. We need the state government and the public to understand that we need safe staffing – that ratios are the solution. See CWA District 1 Facebook page for our statement:

Whether or not you come to the picket, please take a moment and email your state legislators about staffing and funding:

Thank you for all your hard work,

CWA 1168 

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