CWA 1168 Bargaining Update 3/25

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           As our second week at the bargaining table with Kaleida draws to a close, CWA local 1168 and 1199SEIU have reached tentative agreements on standardizing site names in the contract (making sure that articles that mention DeGraff Memorial Hospital will now say DeGraff Medical Park (DMP), for example). We have also formalized the list of contract articles with no proposed changes, and removed language that mentions IUOE, which withdrew from the collective bargaining agreement this month.

            Kaleida still has not advanced any proposals to the unions. Instead, they are asking for clarification and discussion of articles where CWA and 1199SEIU requested changes. Here are some of them and where discussion stands:

Temporary Downsizing – departments that ask members to come in late depending on volume is forcing people to use PTO to make themselves whole.

            On call – We discussed the use of on call for temporary downsizing, “second call” for the OR and the intent of the language, and the use of call teams to finish scheduled cases. 

            Flexible Employees – Since the flex language is rarely applied but discourages staff from bidding on available jobs, we proposed that small departments (10 or fewer employees) could have one flex; departments with 11 or more staff members could have two flex employees.

            Clinical Progression – We’d like to add job titles such as RT, NP and PA.  We feel every job title should be included and spoke about a process to accomplish this. 

Floating – Members raised concerns about CAPD nurses floating throughout the tower and still having a patient assignment, shorting their own department. Some departments float staff within the cost center but into different modalities or locations. Lastly, many departments bring members in to fill a need, then float them. All of these are unpopular with members.

Pharmacy Benefit – We briefly spoke about the $5 reduction offered to members and the over-the-counter benefit that was eliminated last year. 

Union Representation for Probationary Period Employees – Kaleida acknowledged the members’ right to have a union rep in HR meetings from day 1 and said they would do better on this front.

Needs List and Availability List – Inconsistent practices regarding the needs and availability list, leaving both parties frustrated. Kaleida suggested additional features in Kronos and a more consistent approach.  Some units have already trialed some of the features.

Preceptor and Training Classes – Infrequent classes, management unaware or not assigning the classes. On high turnover floors, we have experienced staff burnt out on teaching, or less experienced newer hires tapped to precept orientees. The contract is clear that staff who precept/train must be competent, and Kaleida agreed.

Job Bid and Transfer – One issue that’s come up is that when members bid to a new area, HR posts or deletes their position during the 30-day trial period, leaving them nothing to return to. Kaleida acknowledged that the language has not been applied correctly.

Uniforms – we talked about the roll out of the process, the disappointment with the quality and fit of uniforms, lack of pockets.   One bargaining team member stated he had received five of the 25 pairs owed to him. 

PTO Snapshot – Some departments are taking a snapshot more than once a year, affecting the PTO available within a department. 

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