CWA 1168 Serves Demands to CEO Jody Lomeo

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To watch the delivery – click here:

To watch the delivery – click here:

Today, February 4th, CWA healthcare workers from across the Kaleida System delivered a letter to Jody Lomeo demanding that Kaleida Health:

  1. Accept the Certified Medical Assistant offer to move from Technical 6 to Techinical 5
  2. Reinstate all job deletions made since August 2019
  3. Reverse changes to staffing grids at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital
  4. Return to staffing grids from August 2019 at Buffalo General Medical Center
  5. Staff to grid and fixed staffing schedules by utilizing all means possible to recruit appropriate staff – including overtime without upper management approval and bonus pay for critical staffing needs
  6. Ensure that charge nurses do not have assignments on nights and days at all sites
  7. Does not sell Highpointe
  8. Preserve Degraff Memorial Hospital & adequately staff all necessary departments including environmental services, lab and radiology
  9. Does not consolidate of Buffalo General Medical Center lab services
  10. Does not outsource of jobs

A CEO of a not for profit hospital system should not be making over $2 million while our members, who make  approximately $40,000, are being “deleted” and patient care is suffering. Kaleida has been leading with finance by making cuts across the system at the bedside that will negatively impact, not only us, but our ability to deliver high quality patient care. There have been over 300 job cuts since August of last year:

DeGraff: Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Practical Nurse, Social Worker, 1 Physical Therapist, 3 Pharmacists, 4 Clinical Lab Scientists, Exercise Physiologist, 28 Registered Nurses, 3 Medical Assistants, 5 Patient Registration Representatives, 3 Pharmacy Technicians, 5 Switchboard Operators, Central Supply,  2 Echo Technologists, Cashier, Mammogram Technologist, 10 Environmental Service Aides, 2 CATT Scan Technologists, 6 cooks, Hospitality Associate, Patient File Clerk.

Highpointe: Physical Therapist, Social worker, Activity Assistant, 4 Respiratory Therapists.

Buffalo General Medical Center: 46 Clinical Laboratory Scientists, 37 Registered Nurses, 3 Pharmacists, 6 Secretaries, 95 Certified Medical Assistants, 7 Medical Technicians, 4 Patient Registration Representatives, 1 Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, OR Scheduler, 2 Surgical Technologists, 2 pharmacy technicians, 3 Medication Specialists, 2 In Person Navigators, Cardiac Quality Abstractor, CATT Scan Technologist. Total 214 positions

Millard Fillmore Hospital: Medical Assistant, RN and other bedside staff.

We need to cut the FAT and not the MUSCLE. Our members who serve at the bedside are the muscle behind Kaleida and they are the ones who ensure patients have great outcomes.  Kaleida should be trimming at the administrative and management levels where clearly there is ample room to cut personnel and salaries. Kaleida’s top ten executives make over 10 million dollars, far outspending any other regional systems.

An Injury to One is an Injury to All   –   Especially Our Patients

We Must Stand Up and Fight Back.

We are the Patient Advocates

If not Us – Who?

If not Now – When?

There is no government agency or accreditation body that is going to come to our rescue. You are the only one who knows how patient care is suffering. The time to be quiet about it is over.

Wear your Leading with Finance Button in support of quality care!

(Buttons available at mobilization tables and will be delivered in the next couple weeks)

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