December 24th Update

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December 24, 2022 12:30pm

Kaleida Health Storm Update


As of this morning, Karen Swartz, Vice-President of Human Resources for Kaleida Health has been in contact with our President, Cori Gambini, RN.

State of Emergency:

At this time management has indicated that staff has been required to stay at work at all sites in all departments due to the declared weather related state of emergency.


The National Guard has begun assisting in transportation needs for those employees who are scheduled or who volunteer to be picked up for the remainder of this weekend. Coordinated communication from hospital management has begun seeking those interested. However, If you are willing to assist coworkers in the facilities, please contact the numbers below to add your name to the list of individuals willing to be picked up and brought to the facility.


Management stated they are offering bonus for those willing to pick up over the weekend. Please contact your manager or house supervision if you are willing / able to pick up additional time. All staff going to the facilities should plan accordingly. This includes dressing warm, bringing food and snacks, additional changes of clothing, toiletries, as well as any medications you may require.


Our members must be their own best advocates at this time with limited management in the facilities. Union leaders are in contact with management at each site as issues and concerns arise. If you need a break, please explicitly state it to your supervisor, manager, or director. If supervision / management refuses to help facilitate taking an appropriate rest period or break, please contact your respective Executive Board Member so that we can assist in any way we can taking into account the current situation. We cannot only be advocates for our patients, but we must advocate for ourselves. Make your needs explicitly known to those coordinating inside each of your facilities.

Contact Information for National Guard Transportation:

Buffalo General: (716) 859-2100      

Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital: (716) 568-3848

Long Term Care: (716) 748-3101

Contact Information for CWA:

With roads impassable and the inability to answer phones remotely from the union hall, if assistance is needed from an Executive Board member, please email: 

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