Enhanced Positions Clarification

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In 2016 the Enhanced Positions and Staffing Plan was introduced. This was negotiated due to less-than-optimal staffing at the time. The Union agreed to a set number of positions that would allow Kaleida Administration to then hire externally hard to fill positions without first posting them internally. These postings were negotiated to be beyond previous staffing levels and placed with mutual agreement between Kaleida Administration and the Union.

In 2019, staffing continued to be a problem and with the same intent, Article 107 Patient Staffing Plan, was added creating more enhanced positions for hard to fill positions such as night positions or float pool positions. . These positions are to be mutually agreed upon between Kaleida Administration and the Union.

On May 19th 2021, Kaleida Health Administration proposed enhanced day shift positions for 3 West and 3 East. The Union objected to the creation of these positions as this was not the intended use of Article 107. Kaleida Administration proceeded to create these positions despite the objection of the Union. This was a violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with no agreement reached between Kaleida Administration and the Union.

The Union continues to advocate for the creation of more available positions. The objection came due to the day shift positions not being a “hard to fill” position and would interfere with seniority and job bidding. A grievance was filed, and Kaleida Administration removed those positions. The members hired into those positions were then moved to the float pool to alleviate staffing where needed.

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