Funding Our Facilities in the NYS 2024 Budget

We help RN’s, Medical Professionals, and workers of all stripes to attain better pay, better working conditions, and to make their voices heard.

The New York State Legislature – State Assembly, Senate, and Governor – is debating the Fiscal Year 2024 budget as we speak, and we have one chance to ensure that it includes hundreds of millions of dollars for our hospitals that could help us protect workers, keep hospitals open, and ensure that we can provide the best quality of care for all New Yorkers.

But we need to step up right now to make this a reality. Send an email to your NYS Legislators as well as State Assembly and Senate leadership:

We know better than anyone that our healthcare system is in dire need of support, and we’re losing more and more workers to burnout and travel work. Many hospitals throughout the state are financially distressed, a situation exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re fighting for at least $850 million for financially distressed and safety net hospitals and a 10% Medicaid rate increase in the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget to make sure that our hospitals are able to provide the best care for our communities, and that our workers are supported to do their jobs.

We’re also fighting for two other budget priorities that will help CWA members and workers through the state:

Ending pay-to-work for SUNY graduate workers: Eliminating mandatory fees for SUNY graduate workers

Raising the minimum wage to lift up all New Yorkers: Raising the minimum wage to $21.25/hr and indexing it to inflation (Ramos S1978/Joyner A2204)

Click  to send an email to the New York State Legislature urging them to pass a budget that works for New York’s workers:

In Unity,

Executive Board CWA 1168

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