Kaleida Bargaining Update #3 – 4/3/2019

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As we close out March and head into April, we are falling into a rhythm in contract negotiations. Contract expiration is about 60 days away and we are making progress. At this point in time we are working on language clean up and simple language changes. We continue to reach Tentative Agreements on contract articles and memoranda of understanding. Since our last update we have signed off on:

  • Article 28
  • Article 37
  • Article 39
  • Article 64
  • Article 74
  • Article 80
  • Article 91
  • MOU #28
  • New MOU
  • New MOU
  • New MOU
  • New MOU
  • New MOU
  • Letter of Intent

Flexible Benefit Plan;
Jury Duty;
Attendance Bonus;
Job Security/Committee;
School Health Services Employees; Float Pool Employees;

Hospital Certifications/Designations;CWA/MFS On-Call Courier Assignment/Flint Road Laboratories; Adding BGMC/MICU NP/PA Positions 10 Hour Shifts;
Lead Nuclear Medicine Technician;
NFTA Public Transit Discount;
Variable Start Time Process for 1199/SEIU Members;
WCHOB Rotating Positions.

More importantly however we are having discussions on items that we know are of significance to all of you.

The Unions have proposed strengthening language in Article 66 Bargaining Unit Work and Article 67 Contracting Out Work. The purpose of both of these proposals is to keep Kaleida Health from using people outside of the bargaining unit from doing our work. Whether it’s using non-Union Kaleida employees or bringing in sub-contractors. It is important to protect our work and guarantee job security.

Over the life of the current contract, we have been fighting Kaleida management over contracting out work that our members do. This is a huge job security issue at several sites. Examples of work and titles that have been contracted out include:

  • Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in the CVICU BGMC (work to GPPC) ;
  • Clerical Work in TAVR Program at BGMC (work went to GPPC);
  • Scribes in Geriatric Clinic at DMH and in the ER at MFSH;
  • Urology Lithotripsy at MFSH;
  • Nurse Practitioner/Hospitalists at BGMC (work went to MASH and recently Buffalo Medical Group); and
  • others.
  • Several Grievances have been filed along with National Labor Relations Board charges citing Unfair Labor Practices.
  • We must also complete a 4th day on the CVICU arbitration and hope to have a decision by late summer. Kaleida has proposed scheduling changes for NPs and PAs related to hours of work, shift duration and other vague proposed changes without specifically indicating where and when the changes may be applicable. We have requested more details and specifics in order to adequately assess and respond to management’s proposals. Both sides are intent on resolving the issues around bargaining unit work.
  • The Bargaining Committee will be holding a meeting soon, date and time to be determined, to discuss with the NPs and PAs for feedback. Please be aware a flyer will be distributed with details shortly.
  • Finally, be aware of who is working in your area and report suspected contracted out employees to your Union representative for further investigation and action.

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