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Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

In an unprecedented move, Kaleida management has changed posted schedules, requiring the make-up of a weekend shift within the same schedule and without member approval. 

This impacts any staff member who has called in since January 1st of this year. These makeup days are being scheduled on January 24th and February 7th due to Kaleida anticipating staffing issues due to the Bills Game and the Super Bowl. Management is stating pending “emergencies” as permission to implement their change. CWA does not agree with this method of staffing or violating the contract based on an anticipated situation that has not happened.

Questions that remain unanswered :

  • Why are anticipated staffing shortages during the playoffs more important than addressing the day to day staffing needs throughout the COVID pandemic.

  • What is consistently being done by Kaleida to recruit or offer incentive so that we are staffed appropriately?
  • Has the MOU that was presented by the Unions been given any consideration? The unions still have not received a response.

  • Has there been any consideration by Kaleida Health that implementing the MOU would serve to significantly help staffing shortages across the board? 
  • Why is it that when Management deems a situation emergent, the members are expected to do whatever is necessary to meet their expectations. However, when members ask for much needed COVID relief and recognition in a proposed MOU, management is slow to respond or doesn’t respond at all?

  • Will Kaleida Health management offer managers $1,500 bonuses again to pick up? If so, will they offer the same $1,500 bonus to us on the front lines?

If management is changing your final posted schedule and violating the contract, please call the office at 639-1168 and speak to a Union representative.

If you call in on your scheduled weekend,  you may be impacted by management’s unilateral change

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