Kaleida Negotiations Update #4 – 1/11/22

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Red T-Shirt Edition

Don’t forget to Wear your Red T-Shirt this Wednesday, January 12, 2022. A team of CWA mobilizers will be outside of all KH facilities with t-shirts for those members who have yet to get one. We will also have additional red items on hand (i.e. Scrunchies and wristbands) for our members who work in departments where t-shirt wear is prohibited (OR, Procedural Labs).

What does red signify?

January 12 the unions will meet for first scheduled caucus in preparation for contract negotiations. Our goal is to attain safe staffing which is essential to provide our patients the care they deserve.Today we are fighting for our right to practice safely. Fighting to provide care to our patients without the moral trauma of not being able to provide OUR high standard of care.Today we are fighting to retain OUR qualified, experienced, and dedicated staff who have served OUR community for decades.Today we are fighting for respect which has been non-existent from the current administration.Today we are fighting for our Bio-Med Brothers and Sisters who have been negotiating an uphill contract for almost 18 months.When we fight, we win!

CWA recommendations to members:

Wearing your red CWA 1168 union t-shirt or other union gear is your legal right. After all, Kaleida encourages you to wear sports paraphernalia every weekend in support of our local football team. There is absolutely no justification for not allowing you to wear a CWA shirt in representation of a team that you not only support but are also a member of.That being said if you happened to be confronted for your support, do not be insubordinate. Notify the union office at 716-639-1168 of any unjust incidents. Additionally, mobilizers will be rounding in the facilities to help handle issues on the spot.

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