Kaleida says cutting family pharmacy hasn’t cost members a dime; denies grievance

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The discontinuation of family pharmacy has been an ongoing issue since Kaleida cut our contractual benefits in November of 2021. Recently, during a Step 2 Grievance hearing, Kaleida has stated that no member has been negatively impacted financially. There will be a meeting on May 18th at 11:30 at 1199SEIU for our members to tell the administration the impact this decision has had. Come and express your concerns for the contractual violation, the financial impact, the medication mix ups when dealing with Express Scripts, and the hassle the change has caused you and your family.

Bring your stories, and copies of your receipts to help Kaleida see how leading with care finance affects their employees. Attend the meeting on May 18th, 11:30 at: 1199SEIU 2421 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14214

or, email your testimonial to Office@cwa1168.org Additionally, The Unions intend to proceed to arbitration on the matter unless it can be resolved at bargaining.

STRIKE Committees

Our bargaining team is hard at work to obtain a fair contract for all. However, it is prudent that our Union prepares in case negotiations fall through. To that effect,CWA National looks at certain criteria when supporting our Local to assess our readiness. If the membership votes to authorize a strike, there are six committees that will assist our members through the process. The time to form these committees has arrived. Member involvement will be required in different aspects of our Union; one area to serve is on one of these committees. Email Office@cwa1168.org to express interest in committee choice, work and planning. Our members involvement, at all levels, is essential in avoiding a strike. But, in the case of a strike, preparing NOW is paramount.
Defense Fund/Member Relief

Unemployment Insurance

Picket Committee

Public Communication

Community Service

Research/Data Input

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING There will be a CWA 1168 general membership meeting on 5/19 at 6:30pm. It will be hosted on Zoom and open to all CWA 1168 members. Sign up will be available next week.

Cinco de Mayo was another successful flyering event. Members from both unions distributed 200 flyers to the celebrating crowd and were again met with massive community support. Additional flyering events upcoming; look to next week’s update for announcements.OPEN BARGAINING Open Bargaining has moved back to 1199SEIU headquarters.

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