Letter to Kaleida Administration

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To keep in informed, here a copy of  a recent letter sent to Kaleida Administration.

Here is a summary of where we feel we are in the discussions around staffing. We hope to see some progress on these as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to review these and respond.

Staffing Discussions and Outcomes

Kaleida front line staff, from nurses to respiratory therapy to environmental service, feel they could do better by our patients with improved staffing. This message was sent to our CEO, Jody Lomeo, in December with a Christmas card from over 600 front line workers.

As a result, CWA Union leadership and staffing team met with Kaleida Site presidents and Senior Human Resources about staffing on December 23rd, 2015 and again February 10, 2016 for a follow up meeting.

Overall, although some progress has been made around unit secretaries at BGMC and leadership changes at MFSH and DMH, there is still a long way to go.

In order to provide the best care possible, we are officially requesting:

  1. Any proposed changes in grid/staffing plans are reviewed by the union with management and the front line staff affected. We do not believe eliminating needed positions from one job title to give to another is the way to go.
  2. Before implementing new grids, staff to the ones we already have. Proposals on how to do that:
    • Bonus for all available shifts that are not filled.
    • While waiting for new hires to complete orientation and as management complete the hiring process, utilize the MOU to bring per diem and PT staff into temporary full time. We appreciate seeing this initiative moving forward so quickly after our last meeting for most of the nursing departments.
    • Predict foreseeable vacancies – like retirements and long term DBLs – and have someone ready to step into that position the moment the other leaves.
    • Utilize agency when all other options are exhausted.
    • Staff all float pools appropriately – including CMA, MA float pool.
  3. In order to determine whether we are succeeding at staffing safely, there must be accurate tracking of how we are being staffed. The following reports should be completed and shared with the union:
    • Monthly reports (inpatient nursing depts): At the time of schedules being posted: what is the total number of shifts for that time block for each facility, unit/floor, each shift and job title that are not filled (assuming the census for the given unit is full). Submitted by 4 days after schedule posted.
    • Weekly, looking back: based on the moment of highest census per shift for each floor/unit, and staff at the time, how many shifts were we short of our target grids – broken down by facility, unit/dept, then shift and then job title (RN, PCA, CMA, US). Submitted by Tuesday of the following week.
    • Nursing Supervisors Shift Report emailed and faxed to union office every morning and evening.
    • Vacancy tracking reports – bi-monthly at Job Security Meetings.
    • Copy of fixed staffing schedules for depts where grids are not appropriate to be supplied every six months and discussed at staffing committee (article 76).
  4. If there is a commitment to fix the staffing problem, there should be a system-wide message from Kaleida leadership in that regard and the specific steps management will take to get there.
  5. Conversations between AVPs and Site Presidents should continue in order to address site-specific issues.Monthly leadership meetings for system-wide discussions should also continue.

The current situation is unsustainable for our members. They make it clear every day when we talk to them. They made it clear on their Press Ganey surveys. They made it clear on their contract surveys. Administration and the Union must commit to continue to work until we have met all of our goals and we are fully staffed.It must be the top priority for Union Leadership and Kaleida Administration.

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