NYS Clinical Staffing Committee Law CWA Kaleida Update

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NYS Clinical Staffing Committee Law CWA Kaleida Update

The New York State Clinical Staffing Committee (CSC) law has been in effect for a month. The ratios achieved through this law and through our bargaining process will be a vast improvement for what has been our reality over the past years. However, staffing levels are currently the worst many of us have ever seen. This situation is totally unacceptable; to our patients and to our staff.

In less than three weeks, our members have submitted  778 reports of understaffing, 651 of which were completed complaints that must be addressed and resolved by the joint management-union CSC Committee.  This is not surprising as our staffing has been horrendous for years. CWA 1168 is leading other NY hospitals in documenting the shortages, submitting complaints, and forming a process to ensure our staffing improves. The law requires investigation into all of these complaints by the CSC committee and the NYS Department of Health. For a pattern of infractions the NY DOH can impose fines: $2,000 for the first verified incident and $5,000 for each additional verified incident.

For a more detailed breakdown of where the reports came from click here: https://bit.ly/CWA1168CSCData

Some of the data and complaints are from areas where the CSC law doesn’t officially cover. However, it is our intention to challenge the scope of the law in some cases or address facility-specific issues through the contract or other means. This means that any CWA 1168 member can submit a complaint form for: out of ratio, unsafe workplace conditions, or patient safety issues.

In summary: our members are speaking out toward the unsafe patient conditions. This process won’t fix staffing overnight, but overtime will push our local health care system, and NY’s healthcare system in the right direction. Please continue to submit your forms; each one is reviewed and submitted. https://cwasafestaffing.org/staffingform

If you are interested in becoming a Staffing Captain (someone who is informed about the law through a one-day paid-training, and how to fill out the form) sign up here. The actual requirements are very small: only the willingness to fill out forms, help your coworkers fill them out; and occasionally pass information to your co-workers.

The next trainings are:
Wednesday February 15th 8:30a-3pm. Please sign up here: https://mobilize.us/s/ti79cj
Thursday March 16th 8:30a-3pm. Please sign up here: https://actionnetwork.org/events/cwa-1168-safe-staffing-captain-training

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Clinical Staffing Committee, there are spots open for some areas, please reply to this email. This role involves supporting the clinical staffing committee in reviewing your unit’s data for the month (for accuracy and investigating any discrepancies) and at times attending a monthly meeting. (Per the law this meeting is paid at your normal rate, and excused WITH relief from your job for the time spent at the meeting.)

Thank you for what you do everyday for your coworkers and patients!


Jack Mydzian
Interim CSC Director for CWA 1168




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