Proposed Cuts to BGMC Ancillary Staff

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In December, members of CWA 1168, along with Union leadership, met with Jody Lomeo to deliver Holiday cards. These Holiday cards were signed by over 600 members from different departments and job titles stating that their only Holiday wish was “Safe Staffing for all.” That meeting was the catalyst for other meetings between administration and CWA leadership. Jody renewed his directive to lead from the bedside and increase staffing. Additionally, prior the end of the year, Cheryl Klass stated Kaleida was bringing secretaries back to each floor.

Over the next two weeks, Kaleida met to crunch numbers and see what positive changes in staffing they could offer. The week of February 1, Cheryl Klass, and her team began to bring their staffing proposals to the Union Leadership and staff through a series of unit based meetings.

We know there are many different versions of this story circulating through the hospital.

Here are the facts as they currently stand:

  • Yes, Kaleida developed new grids that would involve cutting ancillary staff to increase RN staff in direct patient care areas.
  • No, the CWA DID NOT agree to these proposed changes. CWA NEVER SUGGESTED SUCH A CHANGE. For years, we have been asking for more staff. We have NEVER suggested cutting any job title to increase another job title.
  • At the conclusion of the meeting held Tuesday, February 2, at 3:30, Kaleida said they heard us loud and clear and were returning to the “drawing board” to consider other possibilities. They also canceled the rest of the unit based meetings.
  • One major responsibility of the CWA is to protect jobs. We will never agree to or suggest the elimination of positions. In meeting with Kaleida, we will continue to ask for more staff, not less.
  • CWA will continue to urge the employer to staff to grid on a DAILY BASIS as a first step to improve staffing.

The Union will keep you updated as we receive new information or grids/staffing plans.

As always, please call the Local with any questions you might have!

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