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Communication Workers of America Local 1168 and Kaleida Health enter into Agreement for Summer Relief Bonus Program

Communication Workers of America Local 1168 is happy to announce that they have entered into an agreement for a summer relief bonus program. The program will provide a one-time bonus payment of $100 per extra identified shift (maximum of 4 shifts per pay period) to all eligible employees.We are pleased that we were able to reach an agreement with the employer on this important issue. This bonus will help to alleviate current staffing gaps related to summer PTO schedules and staffing challenges.

The summer relief bonus is intended to be paid as additional incentive flat rate earnings on top of any other applicable overtime / incentive bonus as outlined in Article 109 of our collective bargaining agreement. Like current our current bonus program shifts will be identified on a needs list at targeted locations and posted. The entire pay period schedule must be met to receive the summer relief bonus – use of Personal day, PTU will negate any potential payments. Pre-Approved PTO, PFL, FMLA, Bereavement or Jury Duty will not affect bonus payments. Employees must pick up a FULL SHIFT to be eligible for the payment – partial shifts will not be considered for summer relief bonus.

The summer relief bonus program is part of a broader effort by the union and the employer to address staffing challenges. The bonus program is intended to help attract and retain employees during the summer months, when staffing challenges are typically most acute.

The summer relief bonus program will begin immediately and will be reviewed for continuance by September 1st, 2023.

To read program details in entirety please follow the below link –

Kaleida Health SRB

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