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We have repeatedly asked Kaleida to track staffing ratios and share that information with us. We know Kaleida has the ability to track staffing ratios. They can assess patient census and staffing on a daily or monthly basis. If Kaleida says they are willing to engage in a conversation about staffing, we should at the very least be able to see how staffing is playing out. If they say they are attempting to staff to grid, we should be able to see the numbers that they see. In order to encourage Kaleida to do this, we have a temporary texting program we are starting. This program allows you to text the number of staff and the number of patients during your last shift. If you join the program, you will be prompted three times per week to report those numbers. It is quick and easy and will give us important information. This data can help us navigate our conversations with Kaleida and will give us info that they will not share. We can show the public, including elected officials, how egregious staffing is. This data will also be helpful as work to demonstrate the necessity for the Safe Staffing Bill.

The texting program has limitations regarding what staffing issues it can capture. We are currently working an appropriate variation for staff in the procedure labs. If you are from a job title or department where ratios do not apply, but staffing is a persistent problem, let’s talk. If you and others are willing to take action based on the results of the program then we can look at developing a specific program for your area. See the flyer that should be in your workplace breakroom for more specific information.

Some things to remember as you participate in the program:

  • Please enter the highest patient census during your shift. If you float to various departments, you can participate by choosing one department and report only for that department.
  • Include charge nurse in number of staff working only if it is standard practice for your charge nurse to take an assignment.
  • You may receive your texts while you are not at work. If that is the case, please reply with the numbers from the day or night before. Please respond to the texts within 24 hour.
  • The texting program is not a substitute for the staffing committee forms or protests of assignment. We still encourage you to complete these forms.

Please join the texting program by clicking here or texting the word “staffing” to 69866.

If you would like to become more involved in our Staffing Team in other ways, call or email Sarah Buckley at sbuckley@cwa1168.org.

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