The Rank & File Reporter #11- KICKOFF TO BARGAINING

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KICKOFF to Bargaining

March 16th, 2022 is the first joint bargaining session between the Unions and Kaleida. Our bargaining team has been working to assemble our proposals, and now Kaleida and the Unions have mutually agreed to start bargaining. Support our bargaining team, support your union brothers and sisters and show your solidarity in the fight for a fair and equitable contract. It will take all of us to ensure Kaleida knows we are unified. Our mobilizing team will be handing out stickers to be worn at work on the 16th! Wear your Red Shirts, Kickoff To Bargaining Sticker, and Red Bags on March 16, 2022!

Open Bargaining

Open bargaining is happening! This means that throughout contract negotiations our members will be able to be present and witness firsthand the process, the discussions and offers in real time. Bargaining is occurring at SEIU 1199: 2421 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214 and will have enough room to host approximately 30 CWA spectators. Registration and sign up for specific dates and times will be required. Details to follow for March 16th, 2022 registration.

Family Pharmacy Update

After Kaleida discontinued the retail pharmacy (Family Pharmacy) operations on November 1, 2021 some of the discounts were no longer offered to our members. Members faced increased expenses and the hassle of changing pharmacies among other inconveniences. Our Union filed a grievance and Kaleida offered a settlement that did not rectify the problem. Kaleida continues to violate our contract. CWA has presented a document which outlined our position to resolve the grievance on February 23, 2022 with no response from administration to date.

Retention Update

Our Union continues to request managements’ response to the retention proposal submitted on January 14th, 2022. As of this publish date, there is still no word from Kaleida.

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