The Rank & File Reporter – Update #8

We help RN’s, Medical Professionals, and workers of all stripes to attain better pay, better working conditions, and to make their voices heard.

The mobilization team at CWA 1168 is excited to announce we are updating the name of our weekly distribution! Our weekly update continues as the “The Rank & File Reporter,” while our “Bargaining Update” will be published separately. This change allows our bargaining team a platform that utilizes the efficient distribution system we have in place. One of our primary goals is the continual perfecting of our communication structure.

Never “Two” Late to do the right thing, Kaleida

Global Thinking Day, February 22, 2022 will see another CWA action! With 3000 red T-Shirts worn, our T-shirt day was a success and will be followed up with new back-packs! These red bags will be provided to members with the phrase:

“Bag Packed, CWA 1168, Can’t Take it ‘no’ more”

We would like to challenge our members to THINK on Global Thinking Day 2.22.22
Start carrying your red bag on 2.22.22 and don’t forget to wear your red T-shirts every Thursday! 

What would it be like to have 
adequate and safe staffing 
in all departments? 

What would it be like to have 
necessary supplies and equipment?

What would it be like for 
our patients to have the staff 
and supplies required to care for them?

What would it be like for 
your employer to value your worth?

What would it be like to be 
respected and appreciated at work?

What would it be like to work 
in an environment free of 
bullying or harassment by your manager?

Let’s use this day of reflection to ask Kaleida to think. Think and recognize that we in 1168 are in this fight united. We are united in solidarity for the strong, enforceable contract that we deserve. So, let’s all walk into work on 2.22.22 as a team with our backpacks on. Let’s deliver a clear message of unity and determination to everyone: 
“Bag Packed – Can’t Take it ‘no’ More.”

Receive your Free CWA Backpack

We are initiating a new communication tool. This service allows better communication with our members throughout bargaining and simplifies logistics. It will be the quickest way to keep you informed by texting and/or emails. 

GET YOUR FREE CWA BACKPACK by scanning the QR code with your phone camera or click this link:

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