Vaccine Mandate Update 9/13

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On September 10th, the Unions met with Kaleida Administration to begin to bargain the effects of the vaccine mandate on our members. The following is what is known as of today:

For members who are not currently vaccinated but are planning to do so:

  • On-site vaccinations continue to be available and are overlapping shifts to ensure convenience for all members.
  • Excused time for reactions post vaccination (within 48 hours post vaccination can use their PTO & not marked as a sick day occurrence).
  • Those without PTO time will not receive a discipline.

For members not getting the vaccine and who are not eligible for exemption:

  • You will not qualify for unemployment per NYS
  • COBRA healthcare is not an option

For members that are seeking a medical exemption:

  • The exemption will be reviewed by the medical committee comprised of the Chief Medical Officers and their team.
  • If an exemption is approved, they will look for work available that fits within your restriction. In cases where there is no position to be placed in, you may be subject to going out on disability.

What Kaleida Health has committed to clarifying:

  • What Kaleida Health’s contingency plan will be for the impending staffing crisis.
  • If members who are pregnant can request a leave of absence if they are willing to be vaccinated after delivery.
  • If there will be a “regret period” in which employees who are unvaccinated as of 9/27 and then terminated from Kaleida Health, choose to get vaccinated after 9/27and return to employment. (The Unions are looking for clarification on the timeframe to return, how healthcare benefits will be impacted, and the procedure to return)
  • If and how PTO time will be paid out.
  • What the deadline is for exemption requests to be turned in by and what day they need to be processed by.
  • Extended hours for Employee Health to facilitate vaccines & exemption requests.
  • How notice of terminations will be managed and how members will be notified.

The Unions will be meeting with Kaleida Administration again to receive answers to the unclarified items above. Proposals from the Unions and/or Kaleida Administration will be presented for further bargaining. With the Federal order issued yesterday, there will be no ability to test weekly for healthcare workers and many parts are still unclear at this time. At this time, Kaleida Administration does not have a clear contingency plan in place if members choose to not be vaccinated and terminations happen. Kaleida Administration has committed to share the contingency plan once the plan has been finalized.

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