Unit Secretary Win

Unit Secretary Win

During the April 14th Job Security meeting Kaleida administration presented a change of shift length from 13-hour shifts down to an 8-hour shift for the unit secretaries of Millard Fillmore Suburban. It was also presented to delete the part-time positions.

This proposal by Kaleida Administration would have affected unit secretaries from multiple units at Millard Fillmore Suburban.

Article 94 of the Master Agreement “Extended Shifts” protects employees extended shift times for the length of the agreement. Section 4 of Article 94 states “Employees that work thirteen (13) hour shifts will be grandfathered as a thirteen (13) hour shift employee for the life of this agreement”.

The Union met with Kaleida Administration on May 4th and explained how the change would affect patient care and how it would increase the workload of the registered nurses on the units. Article 94 was also cited.

May 14th, an email from Kaleida Administration was sent to the Union stating that “After careful consideration, we have decided not to move forward with the unit secretary change at this time”.

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