Update for St. Joe’s Members


On March 15th, 2021, Catholic Health notified CWA 1168 that the following changes would be made regarding the Sisters of Charity St. Joseph campus location:

*Approximately April 1st, COVID 19 patients will no longer be admitted

*The campus will transition partly to an ambulatory care center with a large focus on orthopedics

*They will no longer be admitting medical patients

*The 5th floor and intensive care unit will close

*Dialysis and Cardiology will no longer be operating at the St. Joseph Campus

*General, gynecological, and bariatric surgeries will be moved to Sisters of Charity Hospital

*The Emergency Department will now operate similar to the Mercy Ambulatory Care Center (MACC). (Patients will be transferred to other hospitals if necessary for acute treatment) 

*The operating room, ambulatory surgery unit, and post-anesthesia care unit will operate Monday through Thursday, converting staff to 10.0 hour shifts.

*Ear, nose, and throat, the metabolic center, patient access registration, radiology with the exception of nuclear medicine, and the laboratories will remain at St. Joseph Campus.

*Hall 4 will remain open to care for the orthopedic patients

*A chemical dependency rehab floor will be added, approximately in 9 to 12 months

After being notified, CWA 1168 issued a demand to bargain the effects of this job action on behalf of our members and a draft proposal was sent on the evening of March 19th to CHS management.

The Union will be bargaining language to cover this job action, verifying seniority dates, and getting descriptions of what work is done in the departments at other CHS sites in order to assist members when looking at vacancies. 

We are working diligently to be prepared to meet and offer options to all who are impacted by this option.

There will be an FAQ soon to follow.

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