Vaccine Mandate Update

Vaccine Mandate Update August 30th

The Union met with Kaleida Health Administration this morning about the vaccine mandate. As of this morning, Kaleida does not have any forms or policies to share regarding the mandate, nor did they have any additional information in how they plan on handling the mandate. They did acknowledge that this past Thursday, New York State DOH removed the ability to apply for religious exemptions.

          CWA made it clear that once Kaleida has decided on what policies and procedures they want to set, that the Union demands to enter effects bargaining as soon as possible.

The Union is aware that this will have an impact on the already reprehensible staffing in the buildings across all job titles and the impact it will have on being able to serve our patient population. CWA has been and will continue to reach out to the Governor’s office to stress, that forced terminations will increase the staffing crisis that we are all faced with currently. CWA is pushing for alternative requirements to provide a safe working environment for staff and our patients.

          Wednesday morning will be the next call with Kaleida Health Administration. The Union hopes to be provided with a clearer picture of the consistently changing regulations and a finalized set of policies, procedures, and forms ready to be shared from Kaleida.

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