Vaccine Mandate Update September 1, 2021

There was no call this morning between CWA 1168 and Kaleida Administration. The Union is still awaiting official policies, procedures, and forms from Kaleida Administration. The Union continues to request to meet with Kaleida Administration prior to the holiday weekend in order to give members the answers that they seek.

At this time Kaleida Health Administration has not taken a position that has stated that members will be terminated after the September 27th deadline.

Kaleida Health Administration at this time has formulated the following responses to the following questions, but these may be subject to change.

What will the protocol be for employees that find themselves in this situation? 

Kaleida Response: The vaccine locations are prepared for both adverse and allergic reactions.  The staff are trained to handle both situations.  There are rapid response teams within each hospital to assist if further support is needed.  The most severe of reactions could be transported to the emergency department within the hospitals.

What kind of proof of allergy will be required?

Kaleida Response: The patients primary physician will need to  attest the patient had an anaphylactic reaction to one of the specific agents within the vaccine.  This attestation is subject to NYS DOH review.

Will employees be required to undergo any medical testing?

Kaleida Response: They will be offered observation after vaccination.  30 minutes of observation will be encouraged if there is a history of adverse reactions to a vaccine.

Will employees be required to participate in a clinical study or any type of research?

Kaleida Response: They will not be.

Will KH cover all medical costs related to employees with allergies being given the vaccination?

Kaleida Response:  At this time, as with any other medical issue, employees would submit appropriate claims and documentation to insurance.

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