Voices of Essential Workers on the Frontlines Tele Townhall – May 28th

No one knows better than union members that as the pandemic rages on, the hardest hit people in America have been workers – those on the front lines every day, making sure this country is still running, at great risk and often without adequate protection.

And the hardest hit workers in this country have been our most marginalized workers: women, LGBTQ, workers of color – citizens and non-citizens alike. For example, in the nearly two months that we have been social distancing; we have witnessed discrimination against workers of Asian descent, disproportionate deaths of Black people, and equally disproportionate harm to Latinx people as a result of the disease.

Join us for a crucially important town hall meeting, where we will hear from AFL-CIO leaders, constituency groups, and front line workers from various unions, speaking on what they are experiencing as members of marginalized communities.

Registration Link: :  https://actionnetwork.org/forms/allofus/

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