April 23rd, 2021 the manager of Labor & Delivery wrongly interfered with Union members Section 7 rights by demanding that they remove headbands with CWA 1168 and #Handsoffourmidwives on them.

Section 7 activity under the National Labor Relations Act, is activity that is considered protected when it is engaged on behalf of two or more people involving terms and conditions of employment. This means when two or more Union members want to speak out about their working conditions by wearing Union insignia, creating Union flyers objecting to work conditions, blowing up a giant inflatable rat, or having informational pickets they are covered by the law to do so.

Multiple conversations with Kaleida Administration were had but they were in denial that this was a violation of the law. Labor Board charges were filed against Kaleida Administration on April 26th for violating Union members Section 7 rights.

The Labor Board asked CWA 1168 to settle the charges with Kaleida Administration. CWA refused to settle. Kaleida Administration waited more than 60 days to attempt to remedy their violation. 60 days, which put them past June 1st, the date they terminated the employment of the Midwives, arbitration pending. The Midwives with extensive knowledge and years of experience, who trained medical students and residents, and who were an important and valuable asset to our community’s laboring mothers and newborn babies. Management wanted to silence the Union members who were voicing their concerns for the safety and well-being of our community and the patients they take care of.

The Union and members won the Labor Board charge against Kaleida management. Kaleida Administration is required by law to post the fact that they violated the law. The posting must be posted in a prominent place including the intranet for 60 days. To date, management has only posted it in two places which employees would not routinely see.

We will not be silenced.

Wear those headbands proudly.

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